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HUNG's Menu of Men


The men who list on HUNG”s Menu of Men platform do not charge for hooking up. (ie.  NO RENTBOYS).  All violators will be banned from the premises.

Only consensual sex between consenting adults (18 years or more) is permitted on the premises.  The use of illicit drugs is NOT permitted.  Poppers, alcohol and cannibis are permitted (outdoors only for smoking or vaping).

Visitors or locals who wish to have a profile on this website should submit their information and pictures to:

The following information is requested:

Name (or pseudonym)


Height/Weight, body shape


Sexual Identity: (gay, straight, bi, trans)

Sexual Preference:  In a sexual encounter I prefer to fuck or get fucked or both

Attitude: (Dominant, passive, sissy…)

Kink/Fetish:  (leather, cd, bondage, golden showers…etc)

Dates of Stay at HUNG’s:

How to contact me? (e-mail, phone, or thru Host)

Cruising Guests

Daddy's Fab Fucktoy

Name :Craig

Age: 20 (verified), looks younger

Height/Weight, body shape 130, 5’8″, smooth all over nubile young man

Ethnicity:  caucasian

Sexual Identity: gay, 5 star rating on HUNG”s Heat Detector

Sexual Preference:  bottom, cocksucker.  Daddies between 50-75yrs are my favourite and will get my attention.  Hung will give you priority.

Attitude: Submissive, very new to Man2Man Sex and enjoying the “learning curve”.

Kink/Fetish:  I like cum on my ass i have a foot fetish and love cum on my toes and feet as well.

Local boy

How to contact me?

or thru HUNG:

Bottom Locals

Name:  Fagboi

Age:  32

Height/Weight, body shape  5’10”, 180, fit

Ethnicity:  caucasian

Sexual Identity: bi

Sexual Preference:  total bottom/cocksucker, prefer hung daddies, bareback is cool (I’m on prep)

Attitude: Aggressive bottom

Kink/Fetish:  rough is good, pissplay, poppers make me horny so bring some

Contact me thru host Maurice

Name:  Stephan

Age: 40

Height/Weight, body shape:  5’10”, 170 lbs, fit, smooth, milky white ass

Ethnicity:  caucasian

Sexual Identity: bi closeted

Sexual Preference: getting rimmed, getting fucked, spit roasting while sucking a juicy cock and getting fucked is my favorite.

Attitude: submissive, safe only

Kink/Fetish: love being rimmed while being sucked, bondage and blindfolded is hot

How to contact me? E-mail:

Student to Fuck

Name:  Russel


Height/Weight, body shape:  5’10”, 69 kg

Ethnicity:  South Asian (India)

Sexual Identity: gay

Sexual Preference:  bottom who prefers men 50+.  I love facials and like serving food nude

Attitude: (Dominant, passive, sissy…)  submissive

Kink/Fetish:  Rick salt fucking, bondage, Starvation sex and Gang Bangs

How to contact me? (e-mail, phone, or thru Host)

contact me :

Top Locals

Name:  Maurice (host of hung’s)

Age: 71

Height/Weight, body shape, 5’7″ , 150 , fit runner

Ethnicity:  caucasian, french

Sexual Identity:  Gay out

Sexual Preference:  I prefer to fuck bi men between ages 25 and 45 yrs who are height/weight proportional

Attitude:   seductive ..into kissing, body contact, rimming, and cocksucking as foreplay

Kink/Fetish:  none but I do not enjoy nipple play

Dates of Stay at HUNG’s: permanent…i’m the host

How to contact me? e-mail:

phone:  778-265-4190 or mobile: 250-818-8705

Porn quality twink


Name (or pseudonym) Brandon

Age: 33 yrs

Height/Weight, body shape 5’3″ 117 lbs

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Sexual Identity: Bi

Sexual Preference:   I am looking for an older man/men to instruct and direct me.  I’m hoping to meet the lucky man/men to break my virgin ass.

Attitude:  Submissive

Kink/Fetish:  none but not averse to leather

Local and eager to experience men

How to contact me?

Dom Top New to town

Name:  Dean

Age: 36 yrs

Height/Weight, body shape:  6’2″, 165 lbs, lean, toned and fit

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Sexual Identity: (gay, straight, bi, trans):  mostly gay

Sexual Preference:  In a sexual encounter I prefer to fuck and i like being serviced.

Attitude: (Dominant, passive, sissy…) Dominant and i prefer masculin men who like long play sessions pleasing me

Cock:  nice thick, cut, straight 7+ tool

Kink/Fetish:  I enjoy bondage and role play, uniforms, toys, cockrings, open to piss play

I live in victoria, can travel and am available most evenings

How to contact me? (e-mail, phone, or thru Host)



Name :  Connor

Age:  24

Height/Weight, body shape)  5’11”, 190, average

Ethnicity:  Mixed Asian

Sexual Identity: bi

Sexual Preference:  I am a cocksucker and eager to hone my cocksucking skills in the HUNG”s gloryholes. The bigger, the better and i luv to swallow..

I’m open to topping the right man

Attitude: Eager student of cockology

Kink/Fetish:  panties, cock rings

Horny local:

How to contact me? (e-mail, phone, or thru Host)

Contact me: at

Versatile Locals

Name: Cameron

Age:35 yrs old

Height/Weight, body shape:  5’9″, 165 lbs

Ethnicity: caucasian

Sexual Identity: Gay, out

Sexual Preference:  Open to most sexual encounters….ask….loves to suck cock and get fucked deep and hard

Attitude: Dom or Sub depending on situation

Kink/Fetish:  love groups, kink, gang bangs bondage

Local and available for hook ups!!!

How to contact me?


Phone/text:  250-882-2329

Versatile Locals

Name:  David

Age: 33

Height/Weight, body shape:  Bubble Butt Cub

Ethnicity: white

Sexual Identity: mostly gay

Sexual Preference:    Open to both fucking and getting fucked.  Love to feed or be fed cock and cum

Attitude: Dom or Sub depending on partner

Kink/Fetish:  Exhibit, Group, Glory holes, Darkroom, Black Dudes

How to contact me?contact me thru host Maurice by e-mail: or by phone:  250-818-8705


Name:  Sailorman60

Age: 60

Ht/Wt: 5’10”, 170 lbs, fit average

Ethnicity:  caucasian

Sexual Identity: bi closeted

Sexual Preference:  I would like to meet another bi/bi curious guy for some mutual j/o, some oral and other explorations.

Attitude: passive, easy going, some experience but not a lot, oral mostly

Kink: some cross dressing

Residence:  Local to Victoria.  Would love to meet at HUNG’s Playroom or in your room

Contact me:    or thru host

Professional Services

Name (or pseudonym)  Massage by Andrew

Age: 61

Height/Weight, body shape 5’7″, 145 lbs, fit

Ethnicity caucasian

Sexual Identity:  Gay

Sexual Preference:  Oral mostly

Attitude: Dominant or submissive

Services:  Swedish Massage (60-90 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage (60-90 min)

Sensuous Massage (60-90 min)

MANSCAPING (body and groing shaving.

I’m a professional hairstylist and have been doing massages for 10 yrs.  Massage table, Unscented oils


How to contact me? phone or text (250-590-9503)


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