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Beacon Hill Park Trails

This park is not only the crown jewel of Victoria’s Park System and has many unique and spectacular vistas which are profiled in the Surroundings Pages.  In addition there is an intricate network of trails in the area around the World’s Longest Totem Pole that has excellent cruising where Victoria’s fit and hot men can exercise their “family jewels”.

The trails and the hill immediately adjacent to the totem pole is busiest during the daytime and on weekends.  However if you cross Dallas Road at the totem pole and you enter the bushes to your right facing the ocean there is another network of trails that are cruisy daytime and in the evenings.

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Witty's Beach - Nude

This popular beach is located approximately 30 minutes by car from Hung’s.  It has a section immediately adjacent to the wooden stairs leading from the parking area to the beach, which is family oriented.  If you go to your right a short distance along the beach you will enter an area, demarcated by several postings of NUDE spray painted on the logs, which is “clothing optional” and 90% gay/bi.  As you walk south along this sandy beach you will encounter numerous “rooms” that have been made from driftwood that provide discretion for casual outdoor encounters.  As you continue along this beach you will come to an area where the sand is replaced by pebbles and stones and this area affords ample opportunities for more discreet encounters.

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Mt. Douglas Park - Washroom

This largely undiscovered park has a road to the top of the mountain that affords spectacular panoramic views of Victoria underneath is green canopy as well of views of the Olympic Mountains to the south, Oak Bay to the east, Cadboro Bay to the northeast, the upper Island Mountains to the north and the valley along Esquimalt to the west.  There are trails through the rain forest that offer splendid opportunities to observe the flora and fauna of this area.  In addition the public washrooms of this park are very cruisy midday and around 5-6pm when commuters stop by for discreet encounters.  The beach area adjacent to the washroom area is splendid and faces east.

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Prior Lake - Nude

This lake which is approximately 20 minutes by car from HUNG’S is located in the midst of a very large natural preserve and park and has an intricate network of trails which lend themselves to chance encounters.  In addition the area around the lake itself has a dock on the lake which is designated “clothing optional” and there are several hills around the dock that are also “clothing optional” and cruisy.

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