Hung Homo Homestay

Homo Homestay

15 Wellington Ave | Victoria BC | V8V 4H5


Furniture For Fucking

Fucking Horse:

This is HUNG’s favourite piece of sex furniture.  It is a padded and sturdy A framed piece with 2 side shelves for the bottom to kneel on.  The FUCKING HORSE has multiple attached hoops  made for handcuffs or wrist cuffs to secure your favourite bottom for a hard fuck.  Bottoms love the horse because they can ride the centre column, ass exposed at the end to service multiple tops all while sucking several hard cocks at the other end

Dimensions:  approx. 3 feet long, 4 feet high,  side shelves 12 inches by 3 feet.

Price:  $1,500.00 plus delivery charges

Gang Bang Table

GB table is a padded circular top on a “barber’s chair base”.  The bottom lays on his back “froggylegged” in the air.  The height can be adjusted by pumping up to allow for different heights of 5 or 6 tops surrounding the table.  The bottom is spun from top to top for a non-stop gangbang.  Upkeep is simple….wash lube and cum with windex or soapy water.

Dimensions;  Tabletop circular 3 feet in diameter.  Base 2 feet diameter.

Price:  $2000 plus delivery charges

Fucking Wedge

Wedges are used for doggie fucking on a bed or couch.  The height can be customized from 8 inches to 18 inches.  Length is 24 inches.  Covered in vinyl for ease in wiping cum or other body fluids.  Popper safe

Price $150. plus delivery charges


Paintings in Playpen

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