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Host and Sex Coach

My name is Maurice and i am the host/owner of HUNG HOMO HOMESTAY.  I am a 70 yr old hung daddy (8.5 inches, thick uncut) who is a total top.  My daily runs of 10-15 km keeps me in shape and in summer i like to use my vacuum pump to engorge my cock and balls before slipping on my loose fitting basketball style shorts so that my full basket flops while running the ocean walkway along Dallas Rd and Beacon Hill Park.  My hosting responsibilities allow me ample time to garden or sunbathe in my large backyard and my medical background (retired md.) affords me a good bedside manner and secure knowledge of how the human body functions.  Having worked in the gay community for 30 years has made me aware that there are a lot of bi, often married men who fantasize about getting fucked but are reluctant to do so from fear of being dirty during anal sex or they have tried when unprepared/dilated and had a traumatic first experience.  To that end, I have been posting on craigslist from time to time that I will coach “bottom wannabe’s” how to douche properly, how to relax and open up the anal sphincters manually and I usually manage to fuck most of the anal virgins on their first visit.  I always mention that I do not charge for coaching…it’s free but I only coach   men that i am attracted to.  My preference is men aged 25-45 years, height/weight proportionate and masculine.  Crossdressers, trolls and boys under the age of 18 years need not apply.  I usually post my craigslist ad the previous evening and next morning will respond to 10-12 dudes that have responded.  The list gets whittled down to 2 or 3 serious “bottom students”.  I provide them with directions to HUNG’s and how to get to the backyard entrance to the ‘dungeon’ where bottom coaching is conducted in complete privacy.

In early summer (may i think) of 2016 I was working on one of my flower beds in cargo shorts when I heard the approaching…click of a bicycle.  I glanced up and was pleasantly surprised to see an “Adonis with a small bun tying his long dark hair” aged 25 and stunning.   His square jaw was framed with a dark scruffy 5 days growth of facial hair that reminded me of a “hot barrista” that is frequently featured in sitcoms and movies.  My jaw dropped and I hope he didn’t notice me drooling when he spoke.  Without hesitation this Adonis (for the sake of discretion, this is what I will call him) said…”hi, i’m Adonis and we have been chatting online.  I live in James Bay with my girlfriend and have never had a cock in my mouth or tasted cum.  Would you be able to show me how to become a good bottom?”.  Almost too eagerly i replied…”sure, park your bike in the rack”.  This allowed me to better examine his 6 foot frame.  He was wearing a tight fitting body shirt which showed his chiseled pecs and bulging biceps along with “suspiciously short” red cut off shorts which made his bubble butt all the more noticeable.  With more pleasure than I should I reminded myself “now this is a true metrosexual and finally someone that truly matched his online description” and I softly whispered…”just my type”.

I led Adonis into the change room adjacent to the “dungeon” and asked him to strip down as did I.  I turned to lock the door behind us and was pleasantly surprised when i turned around again to discover that my first impressions were ‘bang on”.  Standing in front of me now I could now see that Adonis had just enough clipped chest hair to nicely outlined his bulging pectoral muscles and it tapered down to his navel.  He had a ” 6 pack” with just enough short dark hair in the creases of his abdominal muscles to accentuate them.  His pubic hair had been trimmed which confirmed my impression “yup, he’s a metrosexual”.  His cock was  already tumescent and rising in a gentle upward arch, cut and measuring at least 8.5 or 9 inches with a full ball sack suspended from this beautiful arch.  I said “jackpot”. “Let me give you a tour before we begin the coaching”.  “This is the glory hole room”.  We entered the dark furnace room and I shut the door behind us so we were in complete darkenss.  I reached for his left hand so that i could have him feel the wall in front of him with the glory hole.  I was pleasantly surprised when his free hand caressed and slowly tugged on my now rigid cock. I caressed his beautiful face and felt the bun at the back of his head before we kissed in the dark for a few minutes.  Reluctantly i pulled myself away from his embrace so that i could demonstrate how the glory hole works.  I slipped behind the partition and stuck my “raging hardon” and balls thru the glory hole.  He fumbled with his hands for a few seconds before I felt his hot lips and mouth engulf my cock.  In no time at all he was lapping my large “mushroom head” and taking the entire shaft in his mouth.  I felt his lips and tongue lap my huge nuts before he sucked them one at a time into his mouth.  Fearing that he would “blow his load” before I got to taste it, I cautioned, “let’s continue the tour” and took him into the bathroom where i showed him the showers with douching nozzles.  I explained to him that to douche you have to lube up your hole then insert the douching nozzle in for just a few seconds to get some water in rectum.  Then poop it out, flush the contents down the drain with douching nozzle.  Repeat till water comes out clean then you should wait about 15-20 before getting fucked in case there is some backflow.  “The trick to douching is not to use too much water otherwise the water will enter your transverse colon and leak out while getting fucked” i explained to him in anticipation of filling that beautiful bubble butt with my engorged cock.  Reluctantly i left him in the shower to clean out his manhole as I put on some porn on the flatscreen television in dungeon.   In a few minutes he joined me in the playpen and chimed….”that was kinda hot actually”.

With the lights on in the playpen i showed him the gang bang table and explained to him that it spins the bottom from one top to another when he is lying “froggy legged up” on the table…it even raises or lowers depending on hot tall the tops are…then i showed him the sling and the “red fucking horse) where i will do the coaching.

With that, turned around to dim the overhead lights and was pleasantly surprised to find when i turned back to face him …that he had correctly mounted the red fucking horse and was kneeling on one of the side “running boards” with his back arched and spreading his ample butt cheeks with both hands.  Without hesitation I dropped to my knees and tongue fucked his hole to get in nicely wet.  After a few moments tongue rimming he was moaning and I could feel his hard cock throbbing in anticipation.  I lubed my right fingers and slowly pushed index finger against his tight hole and past the external sphincter.  He gasped which rapidly changed to a low moan.  I continued the anal dilatation just barely getting 2 fingers in with my middle finger probing past the internal sphincter.  His moans became stronger and the timber in his manly voice indicated to me that he was uncomfortable.  With that he said “could you fuck me with one of your toys before you stick that big cock in me?’.  As i went to one of the shelves to retrieve my dildos Adonis hopped off the red fucking horse and hopped on the gang bang table on all fours with his ass sticking up in the air and back arched as I had instructed him before.  With that i placed a condom on a dildo, lubed it up and slowly penetrated his virgin ass.  He moaned in delight and i could tell from the throbbing of his rock hard cock that he was not going to last much longer.  With one hand fucking him with the dildo…i bent under his open legs and with my free hand gently bent his rigid manhood into my open mouth.  After one or 2 minutes he began his orgasmic grunts and a river of hot jizz squirted to the back of my throad and down my expectant gullet.

As his convulsive spasms of extasy were abating, he dismounted the table and we collapsed in a mutually supportive hug as he said” Oh my fucking god, I have never felt an orgasm like that”.  I knew he was a convert to man2man sex then, but he nonetheless dropped to his knees and said “i still want to taste cum daddy”.  After a few moments of eager sucking i was pleased to deliver to his open mouth my own jetstream of cum which quickly filled his open mouth, down his throat and spilled over down his chin.  A few spurts  missed his mouth entirely and dripped off his eyebrows and forehead down his cheeks like frozen tears.

He rinsed his cum and sweat soaked Adonis body in the shower then dressed quickly into his  t-shirt and red shorts when i noticed he was “free balling it “.  I thanked him for his enthusiasm and gave him a card for the man2man sex club orgy schedule and informed him that if he liked the taste of cum, he should attend a nooner as I could guarantee that with his manly good looks he would quickly  would be in the centre of a circle suck/jerk and would likely get a good “cum shower”.

He thanked me with genuine gratitude and I thought to myself, i hope that’s not the last I see of this   delightful “metrosexual”.  Much to my surprise, the next week, Adonis showed up at the tail end of a nooner of the man2man sex club and was swarmed by a half dozen horny men who shared their “gifts” with him.  But that true tale is for another time……..

dudedoer (Hung’s host)

A Bottom's Delight

Author: power_btm_bc

Posted: 11/5/2014 6:34:43 PM Comments: 17 Votes: 127 Rating: 4/5

My fantasy recently came to life in a recent visit to Vancouver Island. I had heard of a small guesthouse that had a private playroom that was available to guests who stayed there. I was in contact with the owner, who I explained to that I wanted to book at his guesthouse and host a private party for men. When I showed up at this well-appointed place, I had no idea what was around the corner or how it would become one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

The room that I stayed in had a private entrance into the playroom. The playroom itself had an entrance off the back of the house, so people could come in anonymously. I booked to stay the night on a Sunday, so there would be a better chance of nobody else staying there at the same time. I was lucky, because I was alone and had the whole playroom to myself.

The erotic vibe of the house and the feeling that I got from it, made the testosterone start to flow as I thought about pleasuring other alpha males. I pre-cum a lot, and as soon as I walked into this place, I began to feel the pre-cum seeping out of my 7.5 inch cut cock. It may not have helped that I had my cock ring on, but this weekend was all about my erotic fantasy coming true – me servicing a group of masculine tops.

After getting settled in, getting naked, confirming the boys on Squirt and turning on some hot porn for the background, it all began….

I heard the door open. I dropped to me knees and the leather on my chaps creaked against the hardwood floor. My heart started to pound in my chest; I stretched my knees wide apart so that my hole was feeling the anticipation of the first cock inside me. I waited feverishly, stoking my lubed cock, hearing the sound of a belt buckle, then jeans coming off one leg at a time. The playroom was dark, warm with the low hum of a bottom moaning on the TV in the background. I think to myself that I too, will be moaning like that power bottom in the film. The only difference being that it will be more than one man hearing me moan tonight…

A male figure appears in the doorway, backlit by the light on in the change area. I greet him with a coy smile and turn my ballcap backwards. He is a true top standing about 6 feet tall, 175 lbs with thick biceps and a strut that tells me he wants me. He’s holding on to a thick, uncut cock that’s head is poking a few inches out of his palm. “It’s big”, I say to myself as the first drop of pre-cum shows up at the tip of my hard, veiny cock. He says nothing and presents himself to me. His cock is hanging down about three inches, barely erect. I open my mouth, staring him straight in the eyes with a reassuring look that he is about to be well taken care of. As I slip my mouth around his head, he takes a small step forward wanting to give me a generous mouthful. The foreskin is perfect; meaty, warm and wet. His freshly showered bone starts to swell in my mouth. About 8 inches later, I am giving him each thrust down to the base, while my hand pulls back the hearty foreskin. His moans start to get deeper and more laboured. I grab his hand and invite him to explore the reason he came here. His hand rubs my hole, then his fingers start to explore the warmth. I let out an uncontrollable wail muffled by the shaft that is muffling the sound…

Suddenly, I hear the door open again; except this time, there are at least two people. I don’t miss a beat on the man that I’m servicing, but my heart is beating faster and harder. I look out the corner of my eye and see three men walking towards me. Two men in there 40’s and a younger man in his 20’s. All three come right to where I am providing expert service. All three of them, naked, walk up and surround my mouth. The hunk of meat I was just servicing steps back and offers up my mouth to the others. The man in his 20’s walks up first, already hard as a rock. His cock is straining to get into my mouth, as he lines up his 7.5 inch cut cock with my mouth. I thank him for it and get to work. Moments later, his cock is joined by his two mates he walked in with. I service all three and treat them all with equal time in my mouth. The two men in there 40’s are hung. Hung like I had asked for when I was online. Both with 9-inch cocks that make my eyes water, as I would gag on their meat. As I hear the kisses of the three men enjoying themselves while I service them all simultaneously, the first man I serviced gets down on his knees and starts to lick my tight manhole. He works expertly with his tongue while I feel the tickle of his scruff. I moan, I sputter; I have tears in my eyes from gagging on the huge cocks presented to me…

This night is all about me; it’s all about me servicing real men who deserve a good break from their normal lives. I moan out a muffled “You want that hole?” I get an excited “yes” in return. As the 8-inch cock is being covered with the silicone lube that makes me slippery and wet, I briefly bow my head to take a moment with my bottle of poppers. Not too long, though, because I have three other men who need service. A wave comes over me and I get back to sucking cock like the whore that I am. Suddenly, I feel a warm, thick, cock enter inside me. I stroke my cock and feel the pre-cum pouring from my cock. It’s coming out and dripping on the floor. I get more and more excited as my hole tightens up around that thick, curved, meaty shaft. That hunk was so considerate, that after five minutes with my hole he stepped back and offered it up to the next guy. The hunk in his 20’s come around the back and starts to pump me, holding on to the back end of my assless leather chaps. He is so nervous and excited that I feel his legs shaking as he hits the bottom of my hole. He moans as though to cum and then pulls out. “Fuck, I almost came. Someone take a ride”. As the men shared my hole and the cocks got bigger and bigger, I would service them with my mouth and taste my insides. My pheromones were so strong and so hot to smell, as the musky smell of man sex filled the room.

Two more men showed up. There are now 6 men in my presence who want to use me. They are burly, strong, muscular and hung. They are everything I want in men. I am a man and I want to be fucked by men. The sweat is pouring down my back, the leather is moist, the moans are getting louder and I am rock hard in my cock ring and the pre-cum is pooling on the floor…. where I belong…

An hour passed, all these men are using me in different ways. Some are fucking my face, some are sucking my cock and there was always one getting his fill of my prized possession – my strong, tight, big ass.

I sit up, still on my knees, and I beg for their fat dicks to be slapped on my face. I beg for their loads all over my face, with my mouth wide open. Who came first? You guessed it, the young man. He shot a formidable load on my face, getting just a small amount in my mouth. I tasted it and it was a sweet, pineapple tasting load. Not seconds later, the first gentlemen that showed up, blows a load that causes him to shake and holler. He blows it on my face, with a few violent shots into my hair. I smile, chuckle and clean the rest off of his sensitive, uncut cock. The two huge cocks and two late joiners, all shot me at the same time, as the boys who already unloaded, watched. They poured me with jizz. So much jizz, that I ended up with my mouth full. I swallowed every bit of that shared load, just as I had cum. I was wet, sweaty, covered in cum and slimy silicone lube; a well used bottom. My orgasm was so intense, that I could not resist sticking my finger in my used hole while I finished myself off….

I took a deep breath and showed my smile to them one last time, thanking them all for their generosity in coming to let me service them. The two showerheads in the playroom were being shared by five men, with the 6th man still in the playroom. He said nothing, came back over to me and shot another load in my face. This time, I wrapped my lips around his cock, buried it right to the base, and got the rest down my throat. After all, it was a sweet load in the first place. He turned around and jumped in the shower with the rest of the boys.

As the nameless, unidentified men left, I sat there dirty, used and admiring the fierce, carnal nature of what I had just done. Those six men fucked me like an animal and used me for their relief, and back to their real lives. They don’t know me, but they sure will remember me.

Adonis Suite benefits

Reviewed by H.L. Todd, Palm Springs:
This guesthouse is a true find for the gay male. The guesthouse is rather unique in that seldom does one find the two extremes of incredibly well done living quarters right next to an incredibly debauched sex club.

First the living quarters. I stayed in the down stairs unit. The location is right off of the ocean in a very pleasant neighborhood. There is off street parking and you enter from the outside through a private entrance. The apartment is extremely well furnished with new modern furniture. There are large screen TV’s in both the living room and the bedroom. The kitchen is complete with full sized appliances. The bathroom, is a bit small (more on that later) Everything coordinates, and was spotless. There is a library of “educational” videos, and the TV has everything you could possible want to watch.

Now, what about the sex club? A couple of times a week the owner has an orgy. The apartment has a inside door in the bedroom that leads directly into the area that is used for the orgies. When the orgies are not scheduled you can use the sex club equipment and facilities freely. I used the nice big shower in the club instead of the smaller one in the apartment. It’s like a private playroom, well equipped, lots of toys, glory holes, etc. We didn’t, but a couple could have a wonderful time playing out a fantasy, or just enjoy having a well equipped play room to play in.

The owner Maruice encouraged us not to miss the next orgy, or play session. I thought in the afternoon how many guys are going to show up? I assumed maybe 5-6 guys on a weekday afternoon. I was very wrong, much to my delight. We showed up about an hour after the official start, and were stunned to find at least 15 guys really going at it. No standing around, no lurkers, everyone was having a great time. I fell into the sling (that sling really does need to be reset, btw) and immediately found a willing partner, not mine btw. The crowd continued to grow until there were about 20 guys. And, it’s hard to believe, but as the afternoon went on the guys got younger! By the end of the afternoon the average age of the very hot men in the playroom must have been in the 20’s. And, you always have the option of picking out your favorite and taking them into the apartment, with the full sized bed, and fucking your brains out. Counting the total number of guys that came and went, it must have been about 35 guys.

I was sorry that I could not stay for the weekend orgy. Maurice promised twice as many men! OMG!

Host’s Note:  Photographs are not from this testimonial>


From Paris with Luv

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Anonymous guest from Paris
Sejour a Victoria ete de 2016;Ile de Vancouver
Chambre très confortable et literie haut de gamme . Belle salle de bain avec linge de qualité . . Demeure au calme . Dosette the café chocolat pour machine . Ecran TV grande dimension et accès au cable
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Staff 10.0
Facilities 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
Comfort 10.0
Location 7.5
Value for money 10.0

Host’s Note:  This photograph bears remarkable resemblance to this guest. 

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