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One of my primary reasons for retiring to Victoria is the climate which is conducive to year round outdoor activities. Running is my preferred cardio exercise and with a home that is located about 50 meters from the Dallas Rd Oceanfront doggie park/pedestrian path makes it easy for me to check this off my “to do “ list every morning with a 10-15 km jog. My usual course takes me from Clover Point to the Breakwater and on my return trip, i usually run up the “flagpole hill or Lookout Point” where i do some cross training with 100 push ups before returning to my home.

January 19th, 2018 morning started like most mornings with answering some e-mails and some edits to my website and blog ( My edits of a previously published “cocktale” made me particularly horny so that when i put on my black leggings and compression shirt, the bulge of my basket was particularly prominent so i added a black sweatshirt and black baseball cap and I was off. The skies were overcast which is common in our mild winters, temperature was 8C but it was not wet and the first half of my run was uneventful except for 2 dog walkers who cruised me adding “nice package” to their furtive glances. Mid way up “flagpole hill” I slowed my pace to a fast walk since the slope is quite steep on the shortcut that I took. At the top of “flagpole hill” it is my habit to stop and do 4 sets of 25 Jumping Jacks and push-ups on one of the guardrails. There is a circular driveway and parking lot with 2 rows of 8 or 10 parking stalls facing the guardrail that i was using as workout equipment.

I was just finishing my second set of push ups when I noticed a new looking maroon red half ton truck driving up the looping driveway so as he drove past me i ensured that I stood up and adjusted my bulging packaged but he drove on and parked at the far end of the upper tier of parking stalls. I continued with the third set of jumping jacks and pushups glancing in the direction of his parked vehicle several times. He had a BC license plate and there were several other vehicles in the same area so thought nothing further and carried on with my exercises. My heart rate increased slightly when i noted that his truck door opened and a 30 year old, fit, olive skinned fit man, dressed in black jeans and black jacket stepped out. Damn I told myself, he is way hotter than the other car jackers that are here most mornings. My ‘gaydar” was sending me signals that this was a cruiser and i was delighted when he crossed the driveway and entered the field where I was working out. He walked slowly, checking his phone and looking in my direction several times as he climbed the hill past the flagpole and continued into the bushes adjacent to the petting zoo.
Daddy HUNG was on the case. I had received all the “permissions” i needed from my red truck hottie so i followed him to the bushes allowing sufficient distance between us so that he did not bolt. I could feel my uncut 8.5 inch cock getting semi erect as I walked and the slight wetness of pre-cum confirmed my visual arousal. When he stopped again checking his phone, i ensured that he noticed me heading into a trail leading to a semi concealed clearing in the bushes. I had barely dropped the front of my leggings around my ample ball sac and began stroking my hard cock when i saw him approach me in the clearing. As he approached, I obtained a closer look at his appearance and was struck by his attractive appearance and masculine physique. He was approximately 5’9” tall weighing 160 lbs and had a nice chest with nice “man tits” outlined by his checked flannel shirt. His olive skin and fine features were framed by dark hair cropped to 1 inch length and a 5 o’clock shadow of black beard. There was a tuft of dark hair protruding from his sternal notch below his chin. My first reaction was fear that he would bolt when he came close enough to see the pre-cum dribbling off my cock head slit in a glistening pearl that stretched into a string before falling to the brown leaves between my feet. But to my delight, he stretched out one hand to grasp my throbbing cock as he unbuttoned his fly and pulled out a semi erect cut 8 inch but very thick piece of man meat. We stroked each other for a few minutes when he pulled down his pants past his bubble hairy butt. I slid my hand up his shirt as i fondled his nipples with one hand and held his ample butt cheeks in the other. I attempted to kneel to wrap my lips around the large head of his straight thick cock. It measured 8 inches, and was appended with 2 large egg shaped balls in an ample ball sac. He indicated he didn’t want to get sucked and started to pull up his pants when i noticed an approaching pedestrian walking towards us. At this we both set off in opposite directions and I lamented to myself that this was another missed opportunity.

I returned to my workout guardrail and resumed my exercises when I noticed red truck hottie cross the parking lot and walk in the opposite direction from his vehicle. He continued along a trail and down Lookout Hill towards the gay cruising bushes. I also noticed one of the trolls follow him and head in the same direction. I finished my exercises then resumed my run in the same direction as red truck hottie had gone. The troll however had not pursued him and was walking in the opposite direction.
About 30 meters into my run, i saw red truck hottie again in an open field which has large discreet patches of bushes for the ultimate privacy. This area is seldom used so I did a 90 degree left turn and headed into a clearing in one of the bushes. Within 1 minute he was again approaching, this time with his jeans already mid thigh and hard cock protruding. We caressed and briefly kissed before I was on my knees, deep throating his magnificent manhood. I liked his balls and sucked each one into my mouth as he gasped when the egg squeezed past my lips into my wet mouth.

In a few minutes he was bent over hanging on to a tree for support as I teased his rosebud hole, tongue fucked his manpussy and finger fucked him.  My face was buried in the soft fleshy round mounds  of his ass.  He was now also dripping pre-cum in a steady trickle. I stood behind him and dry humped his nice furry bubble butt as I chuckled “note to self, don’t leave home without your travel pack of lube and condoms next time”. Imagine my delight and relief as he slid his hand in his jacket pocket and produced a magnum condom which he gave me as he pumped silicone lube in his hand and prepped his beautiful ass for my throbbing cock. I slipped my plum shaped cocks head past his external sphincter and was on the third stroke in his tight, ass when his cock burst a stream of jizz in 13 squirts that would have knocked a tree squirrel off his perch had there been one in his line of fire.

After his convulsive shivers ended, he pulled up his jeans, turned around and melted into my arms whispering in my ear….thank you daddy, now i know where to cum on my morning coffee breaks i hope to see you again.
My stride had extra vigour this morning and i made it back home in record time but I was still hard when i arrived home. The “runner’s high” had a XXX rating because of this bonus benefit of running on a regular basis