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Flip Alfa Fuckers

(A photo essay, photos courtesy of pornhub.  Based on actual events, names have been changed).

My guesthouse is called HUNG HOMO HOMESTAY which makes my preferred market obvious, “Men who want to have sex with Men”.  It features premium private accomodations with private baths and is clothing optional.  Guests also have access to the  Nasty Pig Dungeon during their stay to entertain their friends or hook up.  Many of the guests are submissive bottoms looking for a daddy/son type of roleplay which works out well since i’m a total top.

When Murray booked the Priapus suite again i got a flashback to his last booking when around 5 pm as I was preparing diner in my kitchen my attention was drawn to the Priapus room by the sound of men in full rutt.  I could hear a masculine voice moaning and grunting as he was getting fucked so I glanced up thru my kitchen window which looks into the french doors of the Priapus room.  My cock became instantly hard as I observed Murray, bent over the end of the bed getting drilled by an very tall, pale skinned hunk with a bubble butt.  Murray was moaning with each powerful thrust of this beautiful man.  I could tel(m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=7mvBORb6PRf9k3gM)original_137084461l by the length of each thrust that Murray was enjoying at least 81/2 to nine inches of hard cock in his hungry hole.  This was confirmed as the hunky stranger withdrew his cock and turned sideways revealing a fully erect 9 inch piece of man meat squirting streams of cum onto Murray’s raw ass and butt.

Murray is a mid 30’s, tall and bearded man that i find very attractive.  He exudes testosterone and is very macho in appearance and mannerism.  I was excited as I observed him take a knapsack out of his jeep wrangler and hoped for a repeat performance as I checked him into his room and was not disappointed but not till around 11:30 pm this time.  I was delighted when returning from hosting an orgy in the dungeon, i heard the same moaning emanating from the Priapus room.  I glanced thru the door of my kitchen which also has a full view of the french doors of his room.  The lights were on and all blinds had been left open deliberately which made me wonder if these 2 hunks did not enjoy putting on a show for this horny host.  With the lights off in my kitchen i was confident that i was not observed as i watched this porn quality scene unfold in front of me.

Murray was kneeling on the edge of the bed this time and was taking the tale pale blond’s big cock doggie style while moaning “fuck my hole”.  The hunk would withdraw his cock, give it a few strokes in full view of the french doors, then kneel to rim Murray .  This went of for a good 10 minutes when Murray flipped onto his back, legs spread eagle wide and took the monster cock as they kissed.

(m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=lAlqmhN_7QOi2rAM)original_190539132With Murray laying on his back i was able to see for the first time his beautiful cock.  It measured nine inches and had a gentle downward curve.  This made me chuckle, knowing that with that monster he would drive most bottoms wild with pleasure since it would macerate any prostate in it’s trajectory. This position of fucking went on for an additional 20 minutes when i overheard the blond hunk say “my turn”.  In a flash, Murray jumped off the bed and the pale skinned hunk was bent over on the edge of the bed getting drilled bareback by my hot guest.  Although Murray was equally merciless in his fucking, the blond hunk was not a verbal bottom, letting only a few gasps and moans escape his open lips.

Of the two, clearly Murray preferred to be the bottom but bubble butt hunk endured a good 20 minutes of relentless pounding remaining fully hard and meeting each stroke with a counter push backwards to take the full length of his fuck buddy’s dick.


With barely a pause in cadence the blond was lying in the middle of the bed to give my guest full view of this delightful bubble ass.  Murray’s face disappeared into those mounds of flesh as he in turn rimmed and tongue fucked his buddy.  He then mounted those mounds of “pillsbury dough boy” flesh and resumed his assault.  They flipped again and this time Murray wound up face down and blonde hunk was drilling Murray for another 10 minutes.  Their skin was glistening of sweat and the thought of the “man musk” emenating from these heaving hunks made my cock throb.  My balls were swollen with lust and i longed to release my big load but decided to edge and save it for later.

(m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=SRS-waAwo_jUUi1V)original_256941312  Blond hunk rolled off my guest and lay prostrate on his back with his large thick cock exposed.  Murray rolled onto his side snuggling into the hunk’s chest, biting his nipples as he toyed with his cock and balls.  Soon Murray had worked his way down to the hunk’s crotch and was deep throating that monster, licking then sucking each egg sized ball into his mouth and keeping him fully hard and aroused.  Hunk was thrashing about on the bed in delight and made his way into a 69 position so that both could be sucking cock.

These 2 must have tried every position in the Kumma Sutra over the next 30 minutes then without warning, Murray was once again bend over the edge of the bed, ass up in the air with his lower back curved downward in the “universal sign of submission amongst primates”.  The hunk wasted no time in mounting him again and his thrusts now had a sense of urgency with low moans emitted from his open mouth which told me “the hunk is going to blow his load”.  On queue, the hunk released what must have been a huge load as I could see trails of white cum trickling from Murray’s punished hole.

(m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=zqaxZcIMPNeaNR5x)original_172055851 Thinking the show was over as it was now past 1am, i reluctantly went to bed.  Still hard and horny I tossed and turned for about 15 minutes when i once again heard the familiar “sound of the rutt” coming from Murray.     I was out of bed and at my observation post quickly and observed Murray this time drilling the hunk’s bubble butt.  It only took about 10 minutes for Murray to seed his buddy’s ass.  I could not contain myself any longer and “hands free” I shot my load of jizz all over the door of my observation spot.  The door required a thorough cleansing the next day and i was surprised to see how large my load was.  ”  The old guy still had it” i chuckled to myself as I busied myself with cleaning up my mess as well as the guestroom of my hottest alpha flip fuckers.  “I’m off to my island but i am hoping to return soon Maurice’ he whispered as he gave my package a  firm grasp on the way out of the door.  I barely managed to utter “ok, c you soon Murray” because his firm grasp had caused me to release another load onto the just cleaned door.


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