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Men With Fur and a Tail

The Bubble Butt HOUSEBOY

Fagboi is what he likes to be called and I have known him for about 8 years, when I first decided to move to Victoria, BC and open up a guesthouse for Men who like to have sex with Men.  He was 26 yrs old when we first met and stands 6 foot tall, with weight of 175 lbs. and athletic muscular build which pays tribute to his Greek heritage.  In fact he reminds me of a Greek God and I named one of my suites the Adonis Suite to pay tribute to his masculine good looks and and god like physique.  He keeps his hair closely cropped which nicely complements his adonis facial features.  The “icing on the cake” is fagboi’s monster 9 inch uncut cock complemented by a an equally inviting bubble butt.

The guesthouse is called HUNG HOMO HOMESTAY to make it clear to visitors that this is a gay owned and managed guesthouse and is intended solely for Men who want to have sex with Men, be it their partners or local men looking for nsa encounters.  The decor is definitely “homophilic” with erotic wall art and carvings/sculptures.  The “piece de resistance” however is gay friendly service and a dungeon, called “NASTY PIG PlAYPEN”.  I joke with guests that although breakfast is not included in their stays, there are other compensations.

Fagboi has always called himself “HUNG”s HOUSEBOI” and his only official responsibility is to service  the guests.  We make it clear to men who are interested that servicing if free but if you have poppers, bring them as this makes fagboi a cock hungry houseboi.  Servicing includes cocksucking or fucking his prelubed tight hole.  He maintains his “clean and negative status” by frequent STI  and HIV testing and takes PREP to remain HIV negative because this boi loves cum in all his holes.  He makes his ass available to guests or locals as required by prior arrangement or “drop in”.  Here are a couple of anecdotes to illustrate.

2 summers ago in July or August, fagboi and I were nude sunbathing in the backyard and the boi was cruising online on his tablet.  Around 3 pm i looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps and I was greeted by an attractive “cowboy” stud approaching.  He was tall, well over 6 ft., slender but muscular and drop dead gorgeous in his tight blue jeans and cowboy boots and hat.  He chimed, “i’m looking for fagboi” and i pointed in the direction of the corner of the yard nearest to the fence where fagboi had his ass up in the air in order to tan the crack of his ass to match his olive skin.  Without hesitation our Calgary cowboy stripped off his boots, shirt and blue jeans and stood at full attention displaying a 9.5 inch uncut cock and huge bull balls suspended from a low hanging sack. He had barely mouthed the words “can I fuck you” when he mounted the houseboi’s ass and started drilling with his thick rock hard dick.  The boi gasped and was struggling to relax and take cowboy’s monster cock.  I found a bottle of poppers and held them to fagboi’s nostrils both to help him relax and to allow me to see that massive piece of manmeat tearing up his eager hole.  This continued approximately ten minutes accompanied by harmonized moans and grunts by both participants which culminated in a flood of jizz that squirted in the housboi’s ass and slowly oozed out of his puckerd hole when the stud slowly pulled out 91/2 inches of still hard cock.  The houseboi cleaned off the dripping horsecock with his ample lips and tongue.  I heard fagboi invite the cowboy into the dungeon for ’round 2″ and both eagerly galloped off into the Nasty Pig Playpen for another round of unbridled raunch.  I did not follow but got the full report of round 2 upon completion.

Last weekend I had 2 guest who checked in and made good use of the sling and dungeon with each other the first night of their stay.  One daddy looked late 50″s and I saw his cock which was cut, easily 8 inches in circumference and appeared to be 8.5 inches long.  His partner for the weekend was an attractive 40 yr old power bottom from Cowichan area.  I advised fagboi that there were some guests that matched his preference (ie older than 45 yrs, hung and piggy in their sexual conquests.  It was a saturday afternoon and fagboi came over for a “sniff, cruise and nude tanning session”.  I also informed the houseguests that the houseboi was on premise and sent his pictures with the e-mail.  Fagboi was in the dungeon ass in the air when the guests returned from brunch.  The daddy with a monster cock dropped into the dungeon and fucked the houseboi silly before coming out into the backyard to relax and use his cock pump.  The pump was a lithium battery operated device with a 3 inch diameter cock tube to accomodate his thick cock and was 10 inches long.  Since i had never seen an electric pump, he demonstrated how it works.  The houseboi also likes to pump his big cock so i went into the dungeon to inform fagboi that there was a pump demonstration in the backyard.  The boi accompanied me outside and I showed him the daddy’s pump which was now full of cock up to approximately 1 inch from the end.  Fagboi wanted to try it on his ample cock, so the daddy instructed him how to achieve vacuum inflation and to my surprise when activated fagboi not only filled the tube to 3 inch thickness but also up to the 10 inch end of the tube.  Wow….most erotic thing i’ve ever seen and the daddy was equally impressed and soon was hard again so they both disappeared into the Nasty Pig Playpen for some ass drilling.

If you are planning a visit to Victoria, consider HUNG”s, and if sex is also on the agenda, notify the host (Maurice) so that he can see if the houseboy is available.  Tops above the age of 45 and hung only need to apply for the houseboi, but the host can possibly help you find other options if you are a bottom.  The TAB:  Cocky Boyz on the website to recruit playmates for your stay


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