Adonis Suite benefits

Reviewed by H.L. Todd, Palm Springs:

This guesthouse is a true find for the gay male. The guesthouse is rather unique in that seldom does one find the two extremes of incredibly well done living quarters right next to an incredibly debauched sex club.

First the living quarters. I stayed in the down stairs unit. The location is right off of the ocean in a very pleasant neighborhood. There is off street parking and you enter from the outside through a private entrance. The apartment is extremely well furnished with new modern furniture. There are large screen TV’s in both the living room and the bedroom. The kitchen is complete with full sized appliances. The bathroom, is a bit small (more on that later) Everything coordinates, and was spotless. There is a library of “educational” videos, and the TV has everything you could possible want to watch.

Now, what about the sex club? A couple of times a week the owner has an orgy. The apartment has a inside door in the bedroom that leads directly into the area that is used for the orgies. When the orgies are not scheduled you can use the sex club equipment and facilities freely. I used the nice big shower in the club instead of the smaller one in the apartment. It’s like a private playroom, well equipped, lots of toys, glory holes, etc. We didn’t, but a couple could have a wonderful time playing out a fantasy, or just enjoy having a well equipped play room to play in.

The owner Maruice encouraged us not to miss the next orgy, or play session. I thought in the afternoon how many guys are going to show up? I assumed maybe 5-6 guys on a weekday afternoon. I was very wrong, much to my delight. We showed up about an hour after the official start, and were stunned to find at least 15 guys really going at it. No standing around, no lurkers, everyone was having a great time. I fell into the sling (that sling really does need to be reset, btw) and immediately found a willing partner, not mine btw. The crowd continued to grow until there were about 20 guys. And, it’s hard to believe, but as the afternoon went on the guys got younger! By the end of the afternoon the average age of the very hot men in the playroom must have been in the 20’s. And, you always have the option of picking out your favorite and taking them into the apartment, with the full sized bed, and fucking your brains out. Counting the total number of guys that came and went, it must have been about 35 guys.

I was sorry that I could not stay for the weekend orgy. Maurice promised twice as many men! OMG!

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