Anal Sex is both natural and normal.  HeteroSexual couples frequently have anal sex so it is not a “gay thing” at all. 

Many men fantasize about anal sex but are reluctant to take that first step and get fucked because they are worried about “being dirty down there”.  This is natural and plays into our insecurities about our bodies.  But the fact is, if you prepare your ass by douching you will be much more relaxed, therefore able to relax those sphincters and make your first anal experience pleasant for both the top and the bottom.  The orgasm in men getting fucked is arguably the most intense experience you may have in your life. So prepare your body and enjoy it the way it was intended.

1. What do I use to douche?
There are a number of different apparatus that can be used safely to prepare the rectum for clean and pleasureable man2man sex.

Fleet or other enema kits. These can be purchased at any drugstore but may be kept behind the counter and you may have to ask the pharmacist. These consist of a plastic container with a small nozzle at the end. In the bathroom with all your clothes off, bend over at the waist, lubricate the anus with lubricant or soap using a finger, then insert the nozzle of the enema kit into the anus (to the hilt). Squeeze the plastic container to empty the water into the rectum. Use only ½ the content of the container (see question 2) then poop it out into the toilet. Repeat the procedure until the water runs clean refilling the container with lukewarm tap water. Wash off the nozzle and container (empty) for future use.

Douching syringe. These consist of a nozzle the size of a finger with perforations and a rubber bulb attached to the end. Fill the sink in bathroom with lukewarm water, squeez the rubber bulb to expel air and suck up water into the bulb. Hold the nozzle pointing upwards, gently squeeze any remaining air out of bulb, insert nozzle into sink of water and lubricate anus before slowly inserting the nozzle into rectum. Gently squeeze about ½ the water into the rectum. Sit on toilet bowl and expel. Repeat until water runs clean.

Shower Nozzle. These can be purchased from mail order sex stores like or or others. They consist of a flexible metal “hose” with metal nozzle. They can easily be attached to the shower head and have a 3 way stopcock to divert the water to shower head or to the douching the nozzle or both shower head and nozzle. I recommend using the combination setting when douching. Lubricate the anus with liquid soap or suitable gel or liquid, turn the douching nozzle so that lukewarm water is squirting from the end. Insert in anus and allow small amounts of water to squirt into anus. If you remove the drainage cover in the shower stall, you can “poop “ out the water into the shower stall and flush down with the nozzle. Otherwise step out of shower and poop it out into the toilet. Repeat until water runs clean.

2. What to do if you only have 5 minutes to prepare for anal sex
If you are about to engage in anal sex, doing a quick flush of your rectum will leave you feeling more relaxed and allow you enjoy the sex, not to mention that your partner will definitely appreciate it! Douching can be a scary thing to do the first time, but in fact it can be done in just a few minutes and is as easy as washing your hair. The important issue in a quick douche is ensuring that you do not get water up into your colon as this will not come down immediately and may lead to nasty surprise during sex. The goal here is to only irrigate the rectum (the rectum is 6-10 inches long and attaches to the colon with the second sphincter) so that you flush out its contents. To ensure you do not get water into the colon do not fill and hold water inside. Use a bent-over position without bending the legs too much, to reduce the likelihood of water seeping into the colon. Insert the smaller nozzle of the douching syringe or enema bottle or douching nozzle from your shower attachment and allow only a small amount of water to go inside, then immediately squirt it out. Do this a few times and hopefully you’ll have irrigated enough to flush the rectum. If possible have a quick shower.

3. What fluid is best for pre-sex enema and what not to use
Water is the best fluid for pre-sex douching as it is the least irritating. Using a Fleet Enema fluid is not advisable because they contain a stimulant designed to irritate the bowel to make you go. The low levels of chlorine and bromine in the city water supply is not going to irritate your bowel and ensure that the water is safe. You should take a probiotic supplement if you douche regularly to help maintain a healthy colon. If you are in a place where you water is not safe to drink, then it is not safe to douche with either.


4. Some tips to minimize cramps during anal sex
Since the anus and rectum are controlled both voluntarily and involuntarily if you cause stress to either they will contract and they will make anal sex less enjoyable and potentially more difficult and painful. Douching is a stress to the body if it is done aggressively or with high pressure systems, and this can lead to a disappointing night of anal sex. To avoid stress use a non-water based lube on the nozzle, but be sure it is condom safe if you intend to have sex immediately after. Also the more you fill up with water, hold and expel the more stress you put on the rectum; ideally a few low pressure irrigations are better to help move the stool. A squatting position is the most natural position to evacuate the bowel. If you are cleaning deep past the second sphincter, using a colon hose can greatly reduce the number of rinses you need to perform and doesn’t require you to fill and hold a large volume of water. Always use lots of lube with a colon hose.

5. How to avoid that embarrassing accident while having sex
If you have ever been told you are dirty, or when the top pulls out he has the dreaded “stinky dick” and you are not sure why that happened because you douched…you can most likely blame that on your second sphincter. However, it can simply be that you didn’t clean your rectum properly. If it is the latter, you can try a longer nozzle, as it could be that your stools are very hard so you need to get water past them.

6. Is filling, holding and expelling the best way to deep clean?
No. This may be the appropriate way for a deep enema if you are following recommended enema procedures. This would mean you’d be taking in water for 30 minutes or more at a very slow rate while laying on your side. But the way most gay men douche they take in a lot of water very quickly and hold it in. The reason we do this is to get water deep past the second sphincter, but this will inevitably come down in 30 minutes or longer so it takes a long time to clean out. It also means you are stretching your rectum. A better approach is to simply get enough water inside to cause a movement and do this a few times until you are clean.

7. The correct lube during douching can lead to better sex
If you use a water based lube while douching it will wash off before it is useful. Without a lubricant you are going to irritate the anus and rectum and this will cause more sensitivity during sex.

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